Tobi Is Pornography

May 12th, 2011

I just can’t get enough of Tobi and her pornography action.  This lady never seems to get enough.  She’s always looking for a harder man meat or some rougher sex.  It can’t be too rough for her.  She loves having her hair tugged and her backside spanked and her face slapped as she’s getting her skank pummeled hard by a chubby boner.

Tobi isn’t afraid to try new things either.  She’s rather experimental as long as it involved getting her mouth filled with cream or a red bottom.  She isn’t into the whole kama sutra crap though.  It’s too slow and boring for her.  She’s much rather climb on a big hard pole and go for a ride than take it slow and easy.  Or, if everything goes her way she really cums on being on all fours while her vag gets stuffed from behind.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a man’s strong hands on her hips as he shoves his cock deep inside.

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Kelsey Gangbanged By Girls

May 6th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Kelsey is the newest girl to be hired at this strip club. She’s danced at other clubs before, but none had an initiation like this! After the club closed one night, the babe stuck around to welcome her into the group. Kelsey didn’t know what to think. But when they ordered her to take off her clothes, she wasn’t about to say no. Take a look at steamy lesbian video samples and see what happened next!

The girls took out dildos and took turns sliding them into Kelsey. They stuffed her pussy, her mouth and even her ass with them. At one point, they even stuffed two huge dildos into her pussy at the same time, stretching out her cunt. It hurt, but Kelsey knew not to complain. If she complained, they would only make it worse for her. Even though there was a lot of pain, there was a lot of pleasure. Her favorite part was riding one of the other girls who put on a strap on sex toy.

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Heather Gables Lesbian Gangbang

May 5th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Today’s Cat Fight Gangbang video features Heather Gables. She just moved into the apartment complex and didn’t know anyone so she was pretty happy when some of her neighbors invited her over for a women only get together one night. However, it definitely didn’t turn out how she expected. Take a look at these steamy video clips and see what happened that wild night. It turns out that the women wanted to induct her into the neighborhood and they had a very unique way of doing it!

Next thing you know, they have Heather pinned down on the the couch. All of the sudden she felt something being stuffed into her pussy. At the same time, another one of the girls, sits on her face makes Heather lick her pussy and even her butt. When Heather complains, they shove a bar of soap in her mouth. That makes her shut up pretty damn quickly.

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Paisley Attacked With A Drilldo

May 4th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Paisley Hunter was leaving the mall when a group of girls stopped her. She had no idea what was going on, but the last thing she expected was for them to kidnap her and bring her back to some abandoned home. The women brought her into a dark room with the only light from candles and made her strip out of her clothes. They wanted her to be part of their bizarre ritual, their female sacrifice. Take a look at these video samples of Paisley’s bizzarre induction to this lesbian cult.

They made her get on her hands and knees. Then they slid a giant sex toy into tight pussy. It actually felt amazing, but then she found out that this was a drilldo, a vibrator attached to a drill. They turned it on full blast and it sent waves of overwhelming pleasure through her entire body. They made her orgasm so many times that they lost count. Then they shoved an even large rubber sex toy into her pussy. It stretched her out. It hurt, but these women weren’t about to stop.

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Alicia And Her Lesbian Boss

May 3rd, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Check out this steamy one on one lesbian scene from Cat Fight Gangbang featuring Alicia Angel. Alicia was just hired as a lifeguard here, but already she’s having issues with her boss. The boss doesn’t really like Alicia because all of the hot men on the beach are flirting with her and not giving her boss the time of day. Now, she’s going to make Alicia pay! She calls Alicia in and instead of firing her, she tells Alicia that if she’s going to steal all her men, Alicia is going to have to satisfy her.

Alicia is shocked, but she doesn’t want to lose the job. Soon, their swimsuits are coming off and the boss gives Alicia some sex toys. Alicia is nervous that she won’t do a good enough job and nervously she starts to rub a sex toy against her boss’s pussy. The boss orders Alicia to fuck her with it. She starts to fuck her with it like it was a hard penis. Alicia has to admit that it’s really turning her on. She never thought that she would ever do anything like this, but I think we’ll be seeing more of her and her boss.

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Trina Gangbanged By Lesbians

May 2nd, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Check out these wild hardcore lesbian scenes from this crazy Cat Fight Gangbang scene featuring Trina Michaels. Trina’s husband told her that it was a bad idea to hire a women crew of contractors to remodel the house, but that didn’t stop her from doing it anyways. It turns out that it ended up being nothing but problems and today Trina went to the home to find out why they were already two weeks over schedule. She should’ve left it alone and never asked!

The women don’t like being questioned, but Trina wouldn’t leave them alone so they were going to make her pay. They ganged up on her and soon things were out of control. Out of one of the bags, a girl took out a giant rubber dildo and shoved it in Trina’s mouth so they couldn’t hear her anymore. Then they forced Trina to fuck another one of the chicks with a dildo. At the same time her own pussy was being stuffed with dildos and her ass penetrated with anal beads. This wasn’t what she was expecting at all. The women were rough, but Trina loved every second of it.

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Heather Dominated By Two Lesbians

May 1st, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Take a look at x-rated lesbian pics from this Cat Fight Gangbang adventure. It all started when Heather showed up at her sugar daddy’s house today. However, when she got there, he was nowhere in sight. Instead, two women were waiting for him. It turned out that they were his other girlfriends and they didn’t like him having a third girlfriend, especially a hot blond like Heather.

The women overpowered Heather and dragged her into the bathroom. They ripped off her clothes and wasted no time beginning their humiliation of Heather. One hottie shoved a thick rubber vibrator in Heather’s mouth, while the other stuffed an equally large vibrator into her pussy. The sex toy was huge and it painfully stretched out her tight pussy. But they were just beginning. They stuffed her mouth with soap. They shoved a champagne bottle in her pussy and another into her ass.

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Chelsea Gets Gang Drilled

April 30th, 2011

Catfight Gangbang

Chelsea had been working on a dance routine for the local pageant for months and now that the pageant was finally here she was starting to get really nervous. Chelsea made sure to get to the hall early in the day so she’d have plenty of time to practice so she wouldn’t feel so nervous come pageant time but she didn’t know that her rivals had also decided to get there early to take out the competition. As Chelsea found herself a room she changed in to her dance outfit and started to practice.

As Chelsea was halfway through her routine the door creaked open and three girls from the rival team snuck in with a bag, slamming the door behind them. Chelsea tried to be nice and welcomed them in to the room telling them that they could share if they wanted but the other girls didn’t want to share. Grabbing hold of Chelsea they held her down while one of the girls cut holes in her outfit. When Chelsea’s pink nipple poked out of her top the girls started to lick their lips and as they kept cutting her clothes another one of the girls reached over and started grabbing dildos out of the bag!

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Trina And Her Girl Friend

April 29th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

It started out as a quiet afternoon for Trina Michaels and her friend Alicia. They were spending the day relaxing by the pool. They spent most of the time talking and one of the topics that was brought up was men. That’s when they found out that they were fucking the same guy. They weren’t just pissed at each other, they were ready to fight. However, before it got out of control, they realized that it was stupid to fight over a guy and they soon realized that they didn’t even need him.

Take a look at wild and very steamy lesbian photos. One minute, they’re wrestling around. The next minute, they’re kissing and making out. Their bikini’s come off and their dildos come out. They take turns fucking each other with the dildos. They have some fun with some double side dildos, enjoying the pleasures at the same time. They don’t stop until both of them have orgasmed so many times that they’ve lost count.

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Katie Gold Gets Abused

April 28th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

For Katie Gold it started out as a normal Friday night. Last night, she went out with her boyfriend for dinner and a movie. However, when she came home she found a gang of thieves robbing her house. She tried running out her house as quick as she could, but it was already too late! They grabbed her and dragged her into the living room. That’s when she discovered that these weren’t your average criminals, with was a group of pissed female thieves. Take a look at video clips and see what happened next.

These women didn’t just want to rob her home, they wanted to have their way with Katie Gold. They were soon ripping off her clothes. Then out of their bags, they took out dildos of all shapes and sizes. Some of the girls were holding Katie down. The others started stuffing dildo’s into Katie’s every hole. They drilled her pussy and ass. They even made her suck on the dildos like they were hard cocks.

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Lesbian Roommates Fighting

April 27th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Check out these steamy lesbian pics from the latest Cat Fight Gangbang adventure. Sierra Sin and her roommate have been friends forever. However, living together wasn’t going as smooth as they planned. They fought over everything. Tonight, it was the television. Sierra wanted to watch the big game on the television and her roommate wanted to watch some movie. It started with yelling, but soon they started to wrestle for the secluded and that’s where it got really interesting.

The girls went from fighting to making out. Clothes started to come off and they were taking out their dildos, vibrators and other sex toys. It seemed that the real problem was that both of them really needed to get laid. They were soon fucking each other dildos, taking turns using the vibrators on each other. It was wild. Neither of them had ever been with another woman before, but they knew exactly how to get each other off with the sex toys.

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Shay Sweet Gets Gangbanged

April 26th, 2011

Catfight Gangbang

Shay’s girlfriend bought a new place down town and she and some of the other girls from the stripclub where they all work decided that they’d throw a decorating party. The place was in dire need of some new paint and wallpaper so the girls went out and picked up all the paint they needed and they ordered a pizza, picked up some beers and went back to the house.

By the time the girls had started painting one of the other girls showed up late, she was carrying a big bag, no one asked what was in it and she set it aside and joined in the decorating fun. Shay was getting really in to the painting but when she tripped and her shoulder went through the wall all of the other girls started teasing her. When the girl who bought the house saw the hole in the wall she was pretty angry and grabbing Shay she called all the other girls over. The girls helped hold Shay down while the home owner reached in to the bag in the corner and grabbed a fat sex toy. The other girls started getting rambunctious and one by one they teased Shay’s pussy.

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Sorority Hell Week Gangbang

April 25th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about sorority chicks gone wild? I don’t know about you but I’ve always wondered what happens in those sorostitute houses, especially during initiation week. Well, this year I decided to find out and planted a camera in the house with the hottest sluts on campus. What I discovered far surpassed all of my wildest fantasies. Take a look at video samples of a wild sororstitute initiation gangbang.

These chicks were out of control. They took Hell Week to new heights in of pain and pleasure. I’ve never seen a crazy lesbian gangbang like this. Girls were wearing strap-on dicks and fucking each other in the ass and pussy. One poor girl was being abused by two sisters as they shoved dildos into her butt and pussy at the same time. My personal favorite was the hottie who hopped up on this crazy mounted vibrator and rode it like it was a real penis, screaming and cumming all over it while the other girls watched her and massaged her breasts and clit

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Lifeguard Alicia And Her Lesbian Boss

April 23rd, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Alicia was just hired as a lifeguard, but she’s already getting in trouble with her boss. This afternoon, she’s called into the office and is reprimanded for spending more time checking out the hot men on the beach then watching the water for anyone in distress. Her boss thinks that she should fire her, but Alicia begs and says she’s willing to do anything to keep her job. Take a look at video samples and see what I mean by anything!

The boss tells Alicia that she’s going to have to control hormones. That’s when the boss takes out her toys and orders Alicia to strip out of her swimsuit. Alicia is shocked, but does what she’s told. Soon, the boss is jamming the toys into Alicia’s tight pussy. They try a number of different toys until they finally find the right one. That’s when Alicia has a huge orgasm. She can’t believe it, but now it’s time for her to make her boss climax too.

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Construction Workers Get Their Revenge

April 22nd, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Trina is having her home remodeled by a group of rough, tough female construction workers. Yesterday, she stopped be to check in on the progress of the remodels. It wasn’t even a quarter done and needless to say Trina was pretty angry. She started to tell you at the workers, telling them work faster, but that was definitely a bad idea. These women didn’t like to yelled at and they were definitely going to get their revenge. Take a look at video clips of the action.

They bound her hands together and put her head literally through a wall so that Trina couldn’t go anywhere. Then they slid a giant vibrator in her mouth so they wouldn’t have to listen to her complain anymore. But that was just the beginning of the fun. They slid anal beads into her virgin butt. They made her fuck a male dummy. Then they even made her dildo each of the other girls until they had all orgasmed.

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Girl Gangbanged With Crazy Toys

April 19th, 2011

Cat Fight Gangbang

Check out these naughty pictures of the latest Catfight Ganbang. Today’s victim is Chandler, a hot blonde that just didn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. She managed to piss off a whole group of angry women, that decided to get revenge. Poor Chandler was liquored up, bound, gagged and brought back to their place where they could teach her a lesson. They figured a few hours of have their way with her and fucking all of her holes would teach her to keep her mouth shut.

Chandler was drilled by so many different toys that she lost count. They started her off with thin, ribbed sticks in both holes to get her juices going. Then they moved on to big cock-like toys that really stretched out her pussy. There was even a fake hand and arm that was shoved up inside her pussy like it was fisting her. At one point they stuffed her with a toy that fucked her butt and pussy at the same time so every time she tried to squirm or move way, it would penetrate one hole deeper. I hope she learned her lesson after all this abuse.

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Brianna Gets A Lesbian Gangbang

April 18th, 2011

Catfight Gangbang

Take a look at hardcore scenes from today’s Catfight Gangbang video. In the middle of all of this madness is Brianna Banks. Last night, she was at the bowling alley. Her team won big time and did a lot of trash talking! When the night was over, everyone on her team quickly left to go celebrate at a nearby bar. All of a sudden, Brianna was left all alone there and that’s when things got out of control.

The women on the other team were ready to get their revenge. The literally grabbed Brianna, pushed her on the floor and held her down. They ripped off her clothes and took out several strap on dildos. These kinky lesbians had come prepared. Soon, one of the girls was fucking Brianna’s pussy while another face drilled with a vibrator. That was wild, but then one of the girls started to fuck Brianna’s tight ass. It had to hurt like hell, but she was unable to escape.

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Alicia and Rafael

April 17th, 2011

As we were driving around the college, we drove right by a hitch-hiker. She looked reaaly cute, so we turned around the car and approached her. Gladly, we offered blow job videos her a ride and she accepted. Once in the car, we tried to ask her about the hitch-hiking, before finally enlightening her to who we actually were. Alicia seemed pretty content to join our little film experiment and become another blow patrol victim. Boy, those college divas can really suck. Wait till you see this chick go at it.

Veronika Raquel

April 16th, 2011

blowjobs Detention has never been like this. If it was, it would certainly be more popular. Veronika Raquel teaches this student to pay attention her when she strips down and spreads her legs wide so that she can tickle her clit. Her student watches her and then she decides to go down on him to keep his attention. He then licks her cooche and then a quick 69 quickly escalates into full on pounding. She climbs up and rides him reverse doggystyle. She loves his shlong deep inside of her and she bends over for some doggystyle action. She switches positions and then smokes his pole again until he busts his nut all over her face.

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Angela Winter, Kati and Johnny Wakeup

April 15th, 2011

Angela and Kati were watching the hunky man work out and they both got the idea to approach him for a blowjob. They couldn’t wait to get their mouths wrapped around his dick. He was of course very glad to accommodate them and they promptly removed his pants so that they could get to work on his weiner. The babes took turns sucking him off and they eaten their tongues along that hard shaft and even sucked on his balls. As he became harder, he stood up out of the chair and the hotties dropped to their knees so that they could get every inch of him down their blowjobs throats. He finally came in one of the hotties’ mouths and she swapped it with the other.